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Expatriate Document Legalities

The Process of Arranging Expatriate Stay Permit in Indonesia

  • RPTKA (Expatriate Manpower Utilization Plan)

      RPTKA (Expatriate Manpower Utilization Plan)

      Expatriate Manpower Utilization Plan or known as RPTKA is a plan on using Expatriates on a specific job position that is made by the employer for a specific time period that is legalized and enacted by the Ministry or the appointed chairperson. RPTKA is a primary requirement to receive the permit of expatriate employment.

      In this context, the employer is required to apply an application letter including the reason of the application to get the legitimate RPTKA, along with the attachment as mentioned below.

      • Reasoned of Expariate Utilization
      • Complete filled of RPTKA form
      • Business Licence from authorized institution
      • Deed and pronouncement of establishment legalization and/or amendment from authorized institution
      • Organization Structural chart of the Company
      • Occupation recommendation that will be occupied by the expatriate from technical institution accordingly with the applicable regulation from authorized technical institution
      • Taxpayer Identification Number of the employer
      • Co-worker appointed letter and accompaniment program plan
      • A statement letter to conduct educational and train to Indonesian worker accordingly with the occupational qualification that is occupied by the expatriate
      • Proof of Compulsory Company Manpower Report that still valid
  • IMTA (Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit)

      IMTA (Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit)

      Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit or shortened as IMTA is a written permit that is given by the ministry or the appointed chairperson toward the employer.

      Subsequently, the following are the requirements that must be fulfilled by the employer in hiring expatriates.

      a. Expatriates employed by employers shall meet the following requirements:

      • Possess educational background and/or work experience at least 5 (five) years that is in accordance with the job position that will be occupied.
      • Willing to create a statement to divert his/her expertise to Indonesian labour especially Indonesian co-worker.
      • Able to communicate in Bahasa (Indonesia).


      In regards with the job position that will be occupied by expatriates, expatriates must have the standard work competence, hence the hired expatriates must satisfied those standards.

      Indonesian co-worker must have educational background that is in accordance with the job position that will be occupied by expatriates.

      In arranging IMTA, the employer is required to attach documents as mentioned below.

      • Receipt (proof of payment) of DPTKA through the government bank appointed by the ministry
      • The pronouncement of RPTKA legitimation
      • Passport of the will-be-hired expatriate
      • Passport size photo
      • Letter of the appointment Indonesian co-worker
      • Possess educational background that relates with the requisite occupation to be occupied by expatriates
      • Possess a certificate of competency or working experienced that is related with the with the job position that will be occupied by expatriates at least 5 (five) years
      • The draft of Employment Agreement or an Agreement to do the job
      • Evidence of insurance policies in insurance companies incorporated Indonesian law
      • Recommendation from authorized institutes whether it is necesayry for expatriates who will hired by the employer.
  • Visa


      Indonesia Republic Visa which subsequently mentioned as Visa is a written statement that is given by the appointed chairperson at the Representative of the Indonesian Republic or other places that has stipulated by the ministry of Republic Indonesia who made an agreement with Foreigners who are planning to visit the region of Indonesia and it becomes one of the fundamental for providing Stay Permit.

      In this context, services that we provided relating with Visa Arrangement are as follows:

      1. Visit visa

      Visit visa issued is given to foreigners who are planning to make a visit to Indonesia, merely visiting, for the purposes of Government mission, education, socio-cultural, tourism, business, family, journalistic, or on transit to proceed to another country. The validity Visit Visa only for 1 (once) journey. However, Visit Visa can be issued for several times of journey to foreigners who are planning to make a visit for reasons as mentioned below.

      a. Government Mission

      b. Business

      c. Family.

      2. Limited/ Temporary Stay Visa

      This type of Visa is Issued to foreigners who are planning to do activities as mentioned below:

      a. work related:

      • Foreigner who enters the Indonesian Territory with a limited Stay Visa
      • as expatriate, worker
      • join to work abroad a vessel, floating mode, or Archipelagic Waters installation Operational in continental shelf and/or Indonesia Exclusive Economic Zone
      • conduct duty as clergyman/religious profession
      • conduct activities that relate with the profession by accepting compensation
      • conduct activities that is relating with commercial film making and already has the permission from authorized institution
      • conduct inspection or auditing to the company subsidiaries that are located in Indonesia
      • serve post-sale
      • installation and reparation machine
      • conduct non-permanent occupation relating to construction
      • perform exhibition of art, music, and sport
      • perform professional sport activities
      • perform activity of medication
      • Prospective expatriate who will be occupied in the skill test framework


      b. non-work related

      • Foreigner in the interest of investment
      • Participate in education and training
      • Conduct scientific research
      • Join the husband or wife holding limited Stay Permit
      • Join father and/or mother for child with foreign nationality who has a family legal relationship with an Indonesian citizen father and/or mother
      • join father and/or mother holding the limited Stay Permit or the Permanent Stay Permit for child whose age is under 18 (eighteen) years and unmarried
      • Foreigner who is former of an Indonesian citizen
      • Foreign elderly traveler
  • Stay Permit


      Stay Permit is a permit given to a Foreigner by the Immigration officer or an Official Foreign Services to be in the Territory of Indonesia. Foreigners who are in the Territory of Indonesia are required to have a Stay Permit.

      A Residence Permit granted to a Foreigner must be in accordance with his / her Visa. In addition, every Foreigners residing in the territory of Indonesia cannot have more than one (1) Stay Permit.

      As for the service that we provide in connection with residence permits are as follows.

      1. Visit Stay Permit

      Visit Stay Permit for Visitor Visa holders 1 (one) trip and multiple trips shall be given for a maximum of 60 (sixty) days from the date of the signing of the Entry.

      Furthermore, this residence permit may only be extended at most 4 (four) times and the term of each extension shall be no later than 30 (thirty) days. However, please note that Visit stay permit to a Visit Visa holder of multiple trips cannot be renewed.

      Visit Visa for Foreigners from a visa-free country must be within 30 (thirty) days from the date given of the entry and this permit cannot be renewed.

      In addition, here are requirements of Extension Visit Stay Permit who enter Indonesia by Visit Stay Permit:

      • Form
      • Valid passport
      • Letter of Guarantee from the guarantor when submit an application of a Visa
      • Power of Attorney


      2. Limited Stay Permit

      General Requirements for applying Limited Stay Permit are mentioned as follows:

      • Form
      • Application Letter and Guarantee Letter from Guarantor
      • Domicile Certificate
      • Photocopy Resident Card of Guarantor


      An application must be filed within 30 (thirty) days of the signature given. After the examination is declared complete, also photographing for Foreigner has been done, Head of Immigration Office shall be given a maximum of 4 (four) working days to issue Limited Stay Permit.

      Limited Stay Permit shall be given a maximum of 1 (one) year and may be renewed. Each time the extension, a foreigner shall be given a maximum of 1 (one) year with the provision of the entire stay permit in the territory of Indonesia no more than 6 (six) years.

      Limited Stay Permits may also be granted to Foreigners for work, within a period of 90 (Ninety) days and may be extended. Extension of Limited Stay Permit shall be issued no later than 30 (thirty) days subject to the provisions of the entire Permit to Stay in the Territory of Indonesia no more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days.

      Limited Stay Permits for Limited Visa holders upon arrival are given a maximum of 30 (thirty) days and may not be renewed.

      The existence of the provisions concerning the requirements and procedure of application and the period of issuance of Limited Stay Permit shall apply also to the extension of the Limited Stay Permit and also the Foreigner shall enclose the old Limited Stay Permit Card.

      3. Permanent Stay Permit

      Permanent Stay Permit shall be granted to foreigners of Limited Stay Visa holders who have been living in Indonesia for at least five consecutive years commencing from the date of issuance of Limited Stay Permit. Thus, a Permanent Stay Permit is obtained as a transfer of the status of a Limited Stay permit. Diversion of Status may be granted on the basis of the request of the foreigner concerned.

      Permanent Stay Permit shall be granted by the Director General of Immigration on behalf of the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Application is filed through the Head of the Immigration Office, by filling out the form and attaching the following documents:

      Letter of request from applicant for Permanent Stay Permit are as follow:

      • Passport photo;
      • Sponsor letter and sponsor identity and fill out forms;
      • Photocopy and original passport or travel document, the Foreign Control Book and Limited Stay Permit Card of the relevant foreigner concerned and valid.


      The granting of permanent residency is granted by the Head of the Immigration Office to foreigners residing in the territory of the Immigration Office and a permanent Stay Permit shall be granted only to foreign nationality passport holders for a maximum period of 5 (five) years and may be extended.

      Application for extension of Permanent Stay Permit shall be submitted no later than 60 (sixty) days before the Permanent Stay permit expires.

      In the case where the Permanent Stay permit expires, while the Director General of Immigration Decree on the application for extension of permanent residence permit has not been granted, the Head of the relevant Immigration Office shall grant a temporary extension of 90 (ninety) days at the latest from the date of Stay Permit.


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