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Elderly Document Legalities

Lists in the table below are the requirements that must be completed in order to process the Elderly Document Legalities

  1. Applicant should be over 55 years age
  2. 10 (ten) photographs/red cover (size: 4x6 cm);
  3. Copy of passport, which is still valid for minimum of 18 months, and extendible at anytime;
  4. Curriculum vitae;
  5. Statement of account issued by Pension Fund Institution or banks declaring that a monthly fund at not less than US$ 1,500.00 / month is available to finance his/her stay in Indonesia;
  6. Medical Insurance, Mortality Insurance and Legal Affairs (Personal Liability) Insurance;
  7. Statement / Evidence verifying actual stay at available accommodation facilities through the purchase of minimum US$ 35,000.00 or rental to the minimum amount of US$ 500.00 / month;
  8. Statement to declare employment of a maid servant during his/her stay in Indonesia;
  9. Statement declaring not to engage oneself in business activities or work for a living.


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